• End of Conference

    2011-09-16 | Organizers

    The ECCS'11, European Conference on Complex Systems 2011, is now officially over. We most sincerely thank the almost 700 participants who have made the conference a success and wish a good journey back home! See you next year in Brussels!

    The ECCS'11 organizing team ECCS11 organizing team
    Stefan Thurner, Roberta Sinatra, Michael Szell, Anita Wanjek
    Gabriele Aicher, Philip Anner, Marco D'Errico, Benedikt Fuchs, Rudolf Hanel, Fabian Hübner, Martin Huter, Peter Klimek, Viktoria Miess, Falk Pastner, Manfred Pöchacker, Sebastian Poledna, Manuel Schölling, Claudia Sinatra

  • Photos

    2011-09-16 | Organizers

    Our conference photographer Claudia Sinatra has captured the ECCS'11 in a series of wonderful images. Check out the Photo gallery for more!

    Audience in Room C1Murray Gell-Mann
    Geoffrey WestSocial Dinner
    Audience in Room C1Panel Discussion
    Group photo

  • ECCS'11 - European Conference on Complex Systems 2011

    Conference Poster Vienna, September 12-16, 2011

    As one of the most important annual events in Complex Systems Science, the conference provided a broad forum for the diverse communities engaged in Complex Systems research, ranging from the Life Sciences to Physics, from Computer Science to Social Science, from Mathematics to Origin of Life, and from Networks to Policy Implications.

    The ECCS'11 has featured a fine selection of inspiring keynote speakers, satellite conferences, awards, and panel discussions on a wide variety of hot topics.